Elasticity and safety in your gait

Flexyfoot devices change your gait into safer and more elastic. When you are to use crutches or sticks you need to be sure you walk safely no matter what mood takes you though the day or in what physical condition you are.

Flexyfoot ferrules (tip of your crutch or stick) are perfectly modified to face the variety of surfaces you walk on and sustain the body weight they are to carry. When you use Flexyfoot products you will never pick any other ferrule or crutch.

Flexyfoot products are perfect help for those who permanently need to suport themselves on crutches or a stick. Post operative conditions, orthopaedic issues, rheumatology or neurology with their disabilities or simply age – Flexyfoot devices are here to help.

We serve 4 sizes of ferrules to match all your demands and expectations. They can be used by so many in such different conditions.

Flexyfoot equals your Friend.

Elastic ferrules

Springy ferrules are made in four basic sizes: 16/19/22/15 (they are measured as dimention in mmtrs. They can match any device that has a shape of a pipe. Alla re offered in standard and extra version depending on your body weight and / or physical activity. Black and grey are mixed with a juicy orange that make their look supricingly fresh and modern.

Ice Foot cover makes your winters and walks on ice more friendly. Covered with a rubber cap they can also be used indoors.

Safety of your mobility involves regular checkouts for ferrule rubber foot damage. If you need our assistance – do not hesitate to contact us or our distributor. We will be happy to help.

Flexyfoot crutches

Flexyfoot crutches

Flexyfoot crutches are perfectly integrated with elastic and springy ferrules. They look and functionality makes them a real nr 1. They are hight quality and reliability products that can stand a lot of demands. Their quality is confirmed by the choice of so many people around the globe. You need safety in gait?

Meet Flexyfoot.



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