The Founder



I like helping those who are determined to leave their recent pattern of life, movement and thinking.  You can meet your new you at that point and re invent your spirit and body. Your life. Being a tool in that, an observer is a great adventure and above all – a great honour. The Neuroaiki approach was born naturaly as it came to me from two directions: my physiotherapy practice and aikido dojo (place of learning the way). Age, gender or your abilities are just the background – your heart for your new you is the frontman. Determination and enthusiasm is what leads us all. Your goals matter.


My professional experience reflects 25 yrs of various types of physiotherapy work: clinical, management and private practice. Add 10 yrs of aikido training (black belt – shodan) to it. My private practice was estimated in 1999. My aikido school – Hikari dojo – was born in Sept 2018.
HIKARI means light